We are experts in providing servers for any small or large corporate projects. If you have a large project or an interactive meeting, you might also be in need of temporary servers, to support the workload. Choose Alpine Infosoft for your server rental needs. We have all the experience and expertise you needed for your projects to run smoothly.

At Alpine Infosoft we make it really simple to rent a server. We have maintained excellent connections with former clients, making us a reputable server rental company. Our clients include large corporations, as well as small businesses, and we offer a variety of dedicated servers to suit your trade show requirements.

Purpose of Server Rental?

1) Daily Production/Operations.
2) Upgradation to High-End uninterrupted technology as Servers are mission critical.
3) Proof of Concept.
4) Test before you procure the Servers.
5) Data Migration.
6) Software and Application Testing.

The Server Rental from Alpine Infosoft will give you many advantages:

1) No immediate investment and immediate cash outflow.
2) No Security Deposits.
3) Immediate Delivery.
4) Hardware Maintenance Support.
5) Flexibility to return the Server after stipulated time period or flexibility to increase the Servers.
6) Alpine Infosoft has a team of experienced Hardware Engineers and is the oldest & largest Server Rental Company in Delhi NCR.
7) You can make Multiple Servers in one Physical Machine through Virtualization Softwares.

Rent Branded Servers which will be installed at your premises:

INTEL Multicore Xeon Processor based dual/4-way/ 8-way Raid & Hot Swappable, Flexible & Scalable High End Servers.

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